Hi, I'm Mr Varnham and this website contains all of the resources, information and classroom assignments that you will need to access as you complete your Design Technology or Design Communication classes with me.


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What Will you be Learning?

At the start of each Project; you will be presented with a design problem that I have created to teach you about the key ideas in Design Technology.

Each project is designed to teach you about the following in an authentic, hands on learning experience.

You will learn about:

  • Technology in manufacturing
  • Production systems (CAD/CAM)
  • Product Sustainability and Social Issues
  • Materials and their characteristics
  • The theory of design and how to apply this to design and make creative, functional and aesthetic products that are suitable for the end user/target market

Each project encompasses real world problems that are driven by inquiry and creative thinking, each project is largely driven by your personal hobbies and interests.

You will complete each Project by following a 'Design Cycle' that has been divided into 6 stages of formal assessment. Please click on the links above to find your class, projects and assignments. There is also a link to find out more about how you are assessed and rubrics for each project.

Previous classes have feature in promotional videos, please see the following video from CNN of one of my classes (Minute 4:24) and the school I worked at in action.