2. Design


Initial Ideas

On a minimum of 2 A3 sheets of paper, use your fibonacci gauge and knowledge of types of wood joints and existing shaker furniture and their philosophy to design 4 different initial ideas for a piece of functional furniture of your own. Use your Specification List to to keep your designs focused on the essentials of what the end product needs to do.

Each design should be sufficiently drawn and labelled to understand how the products would be put together, the types of joints used and the materials used (Camphor or plywood). You should also mention any research or outside aspects that have influenced your designs.

You need to design 4 unique ideas for a piece of furniture that meets the needs of the function that you have decided your furniture needs to fulfil.

Use your Fibonacci  gauge and a sharp pencil to sketch 4 unique, original ideas for furniture that will complete the function that you need your furniture to do. Your ideas need to include the following:

  • Title,
  • Drawn in 2D from multiple view points,
  • All joints labelled with suggested joint types,
  • estimated length, width & height,
  • Short description.

*Sketch a maximum of 2 ideas per page.*