3. Design Development


1: Initial Idea Development

You now need to decide which one of your initial ideas you would like to pursue with developing - form your own ideas and also ask your teacher and peers about the following points:

  • The positive & negative aspects of each design,
  • The feasibility of each design based on time, cost (amount of materials used), processes (tools, machines and processes needed to manufacture),
  • The aesthetics and originality of each idea,
  • Does it fulfill all of the Specification points?
  • What areas of the design could be developed further?
  • Does it conform to the Shaker philosophy of keeping it simple in design & materials and also aesthetic, being aware that form follows function.

Now that you have considered all of these points, which one stands out as being the idea that you would like to develop further into a final design?

2. Final Design

Use your measurements data to produce an accurate CAD model of your chosen design. Use the drawings that you have created from your INITIAL IDEAS and the data from your RESEARCH.

Watch PART 1 to PART 4 of the following videos that will show you all you need to know about creating a model in GoogleSketchUp.