4. Planning how to Make


Cutting List

Now that you have drawn the 3rd Angle Orthographic Projection of your automata design, you need to create a cutting list of all of the materials that you will need. Photocopy your 3rd Angle Orthographic Projection and number each part, and If two or more parts are identical, then give each of these the same number. Once you have each part numbered, then fill out a table similar to the example shown below (Note - you do not need to include thickness as you will be making this from 10mm MDF):

Part #     Length     Width     Quantity





Stages of Manufacture

In order to reflect on the tools, machines and processes that you use to make your automata, you are required to submit a 'Stages of Manufacture' document. The Stages of Manufacture document details every stage that you go through in order to manufacture your product. Think of it as an instruction manual for another person planning on making your product. Your stages of manufacture document needs to include the following:

  1. A photograph or sketch to represent each stage,
  2. A description of the stage using the correct terminology such as names for each tool, machine or process. It should also include specifics such as measurements.
  3. Any tips/tricks that would be useful at that stage in the manufacture process (not necessary for each stage).