Architecture Project


What will I be Learning?

This unit is designed to provide students with an introduction to architecture. Students will first learn about the fundamental functions of a house and will then design their own 'ideal living space' up to a maximum of 100 square meters.

Learning Goals

By the end of this unit sudents will be able to:

  • Identify the fundamental functions of a house,
  • Identify and discuss how climate and geographic location affects the form and orientation of a house,
  • Identify and discuss the hipped end, gable end, mono pitch, mansard/gambrel and combination roof styles,
  • Identify and discuss the main functions, advantages & disadvantages of windows in a house,
  • Calculate the minimum number of metres square for each room type in a standard house,
  • Use research and acquired knowledge to develop initial floor plan designs for their ideal living space,
  • Read and Draw a floor plan to scale,
  • Read and draw building elevations,
  • Use the workshops tools and machines to build a scale model of their ideal living space,
  • Test and Evaluate their final design

How will I know what I have learnt?

You will have submitted work for each of the 6 stages in the Design Cycle.

How will I be Learning?

This document outlines the sequence of activities that you will follow for the whole year. You will be learning by producing a design portfolio and also by getting 'hands on', practical experience of using the tools and machines to manufacture the product that you design.

What Resources will I need to support my learning?

All of the resources that you need are provided for you. Just turn up to class with a pair of shoes that cover your feet completely, a fresh and open mind and be ready to be creative and have fun.