Design Communication 1

What is in the Design Communication curriculum?

The Design Technology curriculum has been designed to enable students to: -

  • To combine skills with knowledge and understanding to design and make quality solutions/products
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding through:
  1. Analyzing and evaluating products and processes
  2. Engaging in focused tasks to develop and demonstrate techniques
  3. Engaging in strategies for developing ideas, planning and producing products
  • Consistently practice proper safety procedures when using materials, tools and machines, understanding potential hazards.
  • Acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of:
  1. Product design and market influences
  2. Classification and selection of materials and components
  3. Preparing, processing and finishing components and materials
  4. Manufacturing commercial products
  5. Design Development
  6. Production planning and making
  7. Communication and product evaluation
  • Critique and analyze ideas, techniques and expressive qualities conveyed in ones’ own project work, work of classmates, and historical pieces.