Developing your Floor Plan

Developing Your Floor Plan

  1. Now that you have an estimation for the minimum meter square needed for each room, you now need to plan out how these rooms are positioned in your house.
  2. Start by deciding where in the world/type of climate that your house will be situated,
  3. Using your research, look at the general house shape that is suitable for your chosen location/climate,
  4. Using your minimum room dimensions (scale 1cm = 0.5M), cut out each room shape using the grid paper.
  5. Position these grid paper ‘rooms’ in positions that you feel would allow a good ‘flow’ and feel inside the house.
  6. Once you have developed an idea – give an indication of where the doors (inside & out) and windows are,
  7. Show in which direction NORTH is – reflect on your research about where the sun rises/sets, and how the house should shade or utilize the sun at different times in the day.