Drawing the Building Elevations


Drawing the Building Elevations

Now that you have created your floor plan to show the plan view (birds eye view) of the inside view of your house, you will now need to create a visual representation to show the 5 outside viewpoints of your house (North, East, South, West, Plan elevations). Using the scale that you chose for your floor plan, draw the North, South, East and West elevations on separate pieces of A3 paper.

You will need to have measurements for average room height and wall height so that you can draw your building as accurately as possible (please include these measurements in your data collection spreadsheet).

Start by drawing lines to represent the wall (don't forget about the thickness of the wall when drawing these lines) and then add any doors and windows that are shown on your floor plan. This is your opportunity to show the height dimensions of each window as this is not represented on the floor plan. Do not start drawing your roof yet until we look at roof structures and styles in the next stage of the unit.