Functional Furniture Project

What will I be Learning?

You will use the 6 stage Design Cycle to design and make a functional piece of furniture that is based around the 'Shaker' style and philosophy, "Keep it Simple in Design and materials, make it functional and incorporate aesthetics - where form follows function."

In the process of designing and making your piece of furniture you will continue to develop your wood working skills and knowledge while also learning more advanced wood work and joining techniques and theory.

Learning Goals:

By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

1. Analyze the Problem in order to develop their own design brief,

2. Analyze and Research all areas of the design brief in order to develop a specification for their final product,

3. Identify and understand the strengths,weaknesses and appropriate use of the following wood working terminology & methodology:

  • Dado joints,
  • Mitre joints,
  • Apron,
  • Rabbet,
  • Biscuit joints,
  • Dovetail joints,
  • Blind Mortice & Tenon Joints,
  • Tongue & Groove joints,
  • Door frames and panels,
  • drawer construction,

4. Identify a table router (and router bits) and how it can be used when building a product or change the aesthetics of a furniture product,

Identify a morticer and how it is used to create mortices in furniture,

5. Identify a planer/thicknesser and understand its purpose,

6. Apply research findings to their design ideas,

7. Use CAD to model their final design idea,

8. Create a proven cutting list from the CAD drawing,

9. Use the available workshop tools and machinery to manufacture their final design,

10. Select an appropriate set of finishes for their end product,

11. Test and Evaluate their end product against their Specification criteria,

How will I know what I have learnt?

You will have submitted work for each of the 6 stages in the Design Cycle. Please see this document for when each stage ends and the next begins.

How will I be Learning?

This document outlines the sequence of activities that you will follow for the whole year. You will be learning by producing a design portfolio and also by getting 'hands on', practical experience of using the tools and machines to manufacture the product that you design.

What Resources will I need to support my learning?

All of the resources that you need are provided for you. Just turn up to class with a pair of shoes that cover your feet completely, a fresh and open mind and be ready to be creative and have fun.