Initial Ideas


Task 1:

Based on the skills that you have developed in this course, and the knowledge you have gained from your research, hand sketch 4 different ideas for a product that will allow you to stencil a golf ball with a Sharpie/Permanent marker.

Each ideas needs to include:

  • Title
  • Sketch(es)
  • Annotations
  • Written descriptions of its function(s) and how it is used

Student Exemplar below:

Task 2:

Once you have completed your 4 designs, the class will re-group and you will present your designs to your peers and teacher for feedback. This is an important part of the design process and a process that professional designers go through before proceeding to develop their designs further. When a designer is under contract to create a product, they are constantly communicating with their client and getting them to sign off on the designs before they progress any further.