Logo Design

Logo Design

What is a Logo?

“A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark).” – Wikipedia 2013, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logo

How many logos do you carry around with you? (without even realizing)

  • Take a guess at how many logos you are carrying right now...
  • Empty your pockets & school bag
  • How many logos can you find?
  • Take photos of each logo and upload them to a Pinterest board titled Logos.
  • Now add to this Pin board with 15 additional Logos that you like or are interesting to you


  • What do these logos have in common?
    • Types & number of colors used?
    • Is negative space used?
    • What kinds of type font?
      • How much type font - lots or very minimal?
    • Has the business had another logo before this one?
      • If so, why did they change it?
      • Think about the consequences of changing a logo?
        • Advantages?
        • Disadvantages?

Hidden Messages

Look carefully over the logos that you have in your Pin board. Do any of them have hidden messages?

What do you think is the purpose of having these hidden subliminal messages?

How have these hidden symbols/messages been included in the logo?

Check out this article & the logos below - can you see the hidden messages?


Definition of a Logo

Now that you have done some research about logos, try to write your own definition of what a logo is. Share your definition with your table group and then re-word until you have a definition that you think most accurately describes what a logo is.


Summative Task

Logo Design

Your task is the design a logo for yourself - this logo will be used to mark all of the work that you complete in class from this point forwards. This will be a symbol or visual graphic that represents YOU.

Start by listing:

  • Your interests & hobbies
  • Your values & culture
  • How you regard yourself
  • How you would like to be regarded by others

Based on this list, design 4 different designs for logos that represent you. Try to include a hidden message if possible.


Once your have completed your initial ideas, accurately draw your chosen design using Adobe Illustrator (please see resources link for tutorials how to use this). Then email me a copy of your final design and send me a completed Assessment Rubric for this assignment.