Orthographic Projection

Orthographic Projection Drawing

What is Orthographic Projection?

An orthographic projection is an extremely accurate visual representation of an idea or product shown from 3 view planes. Each view plane is drawn accurately to scale in 2D. Orthographic projections are globally 'standardized' so that anybody in the world (who knows how to read orthographic projections) can understand the information that they are seeing - this is particularly useful because products can be designed in one country and the orthographic projections can then be sent to an engineer anywhere in the world and they will be able to manufacture the product to the exact specifications of the design.

Learning Goal:

Students demonstrate understanding of Orthographic Projection Drawing through class demonstrations, time for questions, and the completion of an Orthographic Projection Drawing of 1 pre-cut wood item. Students will be taught how to read and draw a range of products in 3rd Angle Orthographic projection. Students will be required to use these skills at various intervals throughout the year as you complete the Product Design and Architecture Units.

Orthographic Example

Formative Assignment

Orthographic Projection Group Drawing Assignment

Student will:

  1. Work as a class to draw one of the pre-cut wooden items in Orthographic Projection
  2. Participate in taking measurements from the wooden item and guide your teacher in drawing the example on the board NOTE #1: Student follows along and draws it at the same time on your drawing board.
  3. Select 1 pre-cut wooden item and complete in Orthographic Projection style
  4. Use provided A3 size Orthographic Projection paper
  5. Pre-arrange the 3 views (Top, Side, and Front) on A3 paper with space available for dimensions.
  6. Scan finished Orthographic Projection and adjust line quality using Photoshop
  7. Upload Orthographic Projection JPG version to Mr Varnham

NOTE #1: Your assessment for Orthographic Projection Drawing will be based on your ability to:

  1. Properly complete the drawings of all three views (Top, Side, and Front)
  2. Always use millimeters on 1:1 scale
  3. Properly space three views (Top, Side, and Front) on the A3 paper
  4. Align Top and Front Views on a 45° angle off the top right corner of the Side View
  5. Properly add dimension lines for all three views (Top, Side, and Front)
  6. Email a high quality digital representation, with Name and Logo to Mr Varnham

Summative Assignment

Select a different wooden block from the class set and repeat the steps from the Formative Assignment on your own this time.

Email Mr Varnham a .JPG copy of your final piece of work and include a completed copy of this Orthographic Projection Assessment Rubric