The primary function of a roof is to:

  • Provide an adequate barrier to the penetration of the elements,
  • Maintain the internal environment by providing an adequate resistance to energy loss,
  • Be durable in order to minimize maintenance.

Roofs are classified as either ‘Flat’ or ‘Pitched’.

Flat roofs       =          pitch between and 10°

Pitched roofs =          pitch over 10°

Walls               =          Pitch over 70°

Task 1: 

Find example images of the following roof styles:

  • Lean-to Roof
  • Mono Pitch Roof
  • Gable End Roof
  • Hipped End Roof
  • The Mansard/Gambrel Roof

Task 2:

Roofs can be designed in many different forms and combinations. Try to find an example of a roof that uses a combination of some of the above roof styles.