Room Flows

Room Flows

House flow is a fundamental design consideration, you need to know how people will use the spaces in the building and if there are any relationships between any of these spaces. Improved flow and circulation gives comfort to the house.

Types of paths

  • Linear Paths
    • Easy to navigate
    • Suitable for rectangular/elongated floor plans
    • Allows for progression from public to private areas
    • Gives an institutional kind of feeling
    • Creates areas of wasted space
  • Circular Paths
    • Movement through rooms rather than hallways - requires less square footage - more intimate space (corridors can be very clinical/less rich experience)
    • Movement from one room to another may require passing through another room (thought needs to be given regarding how rooms interact to prevent poor layout)
    • Try to plan so that there are no dead-ends
    • Less privacy

Task 1:

Given the information above, research linear and circular room flows/paths. Try to find two good examples for each that highlight the main bullet points listed above.

Email your examples to me for assessment.