Service Learning Project


What will I be Learning?

Students will be working in small groups to design and make a product for a local Indonesian organization or charity that we can help. In the past we have assisted Orphanages, Local schools, Batik manufacturers and the Orangutan section of a zoo. The students will treat this service partner as a 'client' and will  visit on multiple occasions to gather information, share and gain feedback about their initial ideas, present their final designs and lastly deliver the final product. This will be an extremely authentic learning experience for the students and will reflect many of the activities a designer would undertake in the current work climate.

Learning Goals:

By the end of this unit students will be able to work collaboratively to:

  1. Analyze and elicit the needs of the client,
  2. Research all areas of design 'Problem & Brief' and the needs elicited from the client,
  3. Develop a specification list that the end product must meet,
  4. Design a range of initial ideas that meet the specification list and communicate these with the client for feedback,
  5. Develop a final design and model it using CAD,
  6. Confirm the final design with the client prior to manufacture,
  7. Manufacture the final design using the workshop tools and machines,
  8. Test, Deliver and Evaluate the end product

How will I know what I have learnt?

You will have submitted work for each of the 6 stages in the Design Cycle. Please see this document for when each stage ends and the next begins.

How will I be Learning?

You will be learning by producing a design portfolio and also by getting 'hands on', practical experience of using the tools and machines to manufacture the product that you design.

What Resources will I need to support my learning?

All of the resources that you need are provided for you. Just turn up to class with a pair of shoes that cover your feet completely, a fresh and open mind and be ready to be creative and have fun.