Shark Tank Project

Professional Product Design Visitor

Mr Paul Hessels, an established and very successful product designer living in Jakarta for the last 25 years will visit the class and discuss some of the projects his company has worked on over the years. Here is a link to his Product Design company:



He will talk about his thought process for each of these projects, the challenges that he encountered in each and what it is like to be a professional product designer. You will have an opportunity to ask him questions and get feedback for some of your work or ideas.

Paul will then assign you with a design challenge, setting out a problem and brief. This will be a project that he has actually been assigned in the past - it will be interesting to see how your ideas compare with the solution from a professional design company.

To complete this project, you will start with completing your research - this should be similar to what you have done for other projects - you need to decide where to focus your energy with this and what to research in order to help you develop some strong initial ideas.

Once you have enough research, start designing a range of ideas for your solution to the design problem - You will present these ideas to the class for feedback.

After the feedback, you will develop your selected idea into a final solution. You need to produce a CAD rendering of this.

Paul will then revisit the class and you will then pitch your idea to him. Imagine he is your client...think about some of the pitches that he showed you on his first visit. Try to pitch your idea in a similar professional format - be confident, know your research and why you have developed that idea and think clearly about how you want to start the pitch and describe the product.

Once you have finished your pitch, Paul will critique your idea and he will then present the actual solution that his company provided for the company. Maybe yours will be a better solution than he even developed!! 🙂

This is a great opportunity to reflect on your ideas and learn from the process you have taken to create your solution. What have you learned in this unit and how much did your design differ to Paul's? What would you do differently next time now that you know what Paul's solution to the problem was...has this changed your way of thinking about a problem? Will it help you when you encounter your next design challenge?