Single Point Perspective


What is perspective?

“Perspective (from Latin: perspicere to see through) in the graphic arts, such as drawing, is an approximate representation, on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye. The two most characteristic features of perspective are that objects are drawn:

  • Object become smaller as their distance from the observer increases.
  • Foreshortened: the size of an object's dimensions along the line of sight are relatively shorter than dimensions across the line of sight" (Wikipedia,

Formative Task:

Complete the 1 point perspective exercise that I distributed in class.


Summative Task:

On A3 size paper in landscape, create your own one-point perspective drawing that captures your given name (first) above and your surname (last) below a horizon line.

  1. Add a vanishing point to the center, vertically and horizontally, of an A3 size paper.
  2. Add a horizon line through the vanishing point dividing the A3 paper horizontally in half.
  3. Add two horizontal guide lines above the horizon line for the top and bottom of your given name (first).
  4. Add two horizontal guide lines below the horizon line for the top and bottom of your surname (last).
  5. Block given name (first) and surname (last) lettering so all letters are unified in width and spacing.
  6. Insert capital letter shapes into each block.
    • Line thickness should be similar to the same for all letter shapes.
    • Add unified crossbar for all letters such as, A, B, F, E, P, etc.
  7. Erase blocking and leave letter shapes.
  8. Pull all possible letter corners to the vanishing point.
  9. Close off the back-end of each letter shape to create letter forms.
  10. Erase horizon line and vanishing point.
  11. Erase all guidelines and leave letter forms.
  12. Add values of colors as discussed in class - Curved Gradient Tutorial
  13. Scan one-point perspective name drawing and save as JPG file.
  14. Open JPG file in Photoshop
    • Level JPG file to enhance clarity of drawing.
    • Eliminate all unwanted lines and mistakes.
  15. Upload JPG of one-point perspective drawing and email to me and add a personal reflection that answers the following questions:
    • What are my one-point perspective drawing strengths?
    • What are my one-point perspective drawing weaknesses?
    • If I had 2 more classes, I would work further on… (what)?
  16. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, score the Rubric, 1-Point Perspective.
  17. Email your scored 1-Point Perspective rubric to me.

Student Exemplars Below:

Hyun Ji NAM - Colored