Test & Evaluate

Test & Modify

Once you are satisfied with your design, print the object on the 3D printer and then test that it works by stencilling a golf ball.

  • Does it function as you intended?
    • Is it easy to insert/remove the ball?
    • Does it produce a clear Logo on the golf ball?
    • Is it ergonomic to use?
    • Any other functions?
  • Where could any improvements be made to the design?
  • Are there any unforeseen complications with your design?
    • How can you fix these?

Once you have answered these questions, review your CAD file and make all necessary modifications to your design. Repeat these steps until you have a fully functional product that you feel meets the design problem and brief.


Reflect on this project as a whole. Imagine that you are describing the project to somebody who is new to the class and is about to embark on this project...what advise would you give them?

Your Evaluation should have the following:

  1. Title
  2. Photographs of the final product
  3. Written evaluation containing:
    1. What was the project about
    2. What you have designed and made
    3. What did you learn and what was your process
    4. Any challenges you came across and how you responded to these
    5. What you would do differently next time/if you repeated the project
    6. What you are proud of in your design
    7. What feedback did you receive about the final product?
    8. Any other relevant information