Workshop Orientation & Safety Project

What will I be Learning?

This project is designed to teach you the purpose of; and how to use the majority of tools and machines in the workshop. 
You will also learn about the 'Design Cycle', about the characteristics of Camphor wood, and how to apply a range of different finishes (Oils, stains, varnishes, etc).



Learning Goals

By the end of the unit, students will be able to:

  1. Safely use the following:
  • Pillar Drill (using drill bits and Forstner bits),
  • Band Saw,
  • Fret Saw,
  • Tenon saw, & Bench hook,
  • Coping saw,
  • Disc sander,
  • Belt sander,
  • handheld electric and orbital sanders,
  • Chisels,
  • Files (needle files, Bastard & 2nd cut files),
  • Glass paper (range of grades),
  • PVA adhesive,
  • Wood Stain,
  • Teak Oil,
  • Polyurethane varnish

2. Identify the purpose of all and use some of the 6 stages of the Design Cycle,

3. Identify and make a series of finger joints,

4. Identify a Butt Joint,

5. Identify and make Housing Joint,

6. Test and Evaluate their end product

How will I know what I have learnt?

You will have submitted work for each of the 6 stages in the Design Cycle. Please see this document for when each stage ends and the next begins.

How will I be Learning?

You will be learning by following the stages of the design cycle to complete the project. This involves some areas of written and drawn folder work, some computer design and lots of hands on practical work to make your project. In this unit you will learn about the characteristics of materials, tools and processes by manufacturing a wooden box with your initials pierced into the top. The unit finishes with you evaluating your product and the products of your peers. All work is assessed using the assessment sheet where you self assess and then submit your work for marking. If you are not satisfied with your initial grade, you have up to 2 weeks to rectify before it becomes permanent. Please refer to this document for a detailed breakdown of what you will do each week...

What Resources will I need to support my learning?

All of the resources that you need are provided for you. Just turn up to class with a pair of shoes that cover your feet completely, a fresh and open mind and be ready to be creative and have fun.